Friday, 17 March 2017

Spring has (nearly) SPRUNG!

Yay! spring is finally in the air! -- this makes me vvvery happy! 

Spring is my favourite season of all,, mainly because my birthday falls in spring, but also there are lots of pretty flowers and (sometimes) nice, warm sunny days with bright blue skies! 

So I was on my lunch break one day this week when the weather was LUSH and thought I'd take a few snaps of the beaut flowers in the park next to my work... Enjoy!

can we just appreciate the quality -- bearing in mind these photos were taken on my phone (a rubbish iPhone 5c) because I didn't have my big camera with me.

a sea of beautiful yellow daffs

random work attire snap -- just because

If you would like me to do some OOTD post let me know in the comments..

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  1. Hi there, I came across your blog and thoroughly enjoy what I see.. Keep it up! It would be great if we could support each other. I just started my own blog if you would like to check it out:D

    1. Hello, Thank you very Much! - Just had a sneaky peak at yours and your content looks great too! Yes, i would love to support each other - i have followed you on twitter!
      Leah x


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