Friday, 24 March 2017

A Cute Little Spring Walk...

Last Sunday my boyfriend, James and I stopped by the Kew Gardens, Wakehurst on our way home from a family meal. -- James's mum works there so I thought I'd take the opportunity to make James go for a nice romantic walk.  -- I love a good panorama!

Unfortunately I didn't have my BIG camera with me, but I managed to get a few shots on my iPhone. I still think they are not too bad for an iPhone 5c.

I love this shot, the Manor House looks so nicely framed between the trees.

We had a lovely walk -- even though the weather wasn't amazing. Spring is defiantly in the air - with the nights drawing out and the days getting longer - little happy dance! 

How beaut is this photo tho?

I wish I had my BIG DSLR camera with me, but we came from a meal out and obviously I didn't think we would be stopping by for a wander. 

James was a star though and took a few photos of me -- he's a good egg.

The manor house,, looks and I'm pretty sure it is HAUNTED!!! In fact I'm pretty sure the whole place is HAUNTED!!! still pretty to walk around the gardens though. 

I know I've done quite a few nature-ey posts lately -- I will try and mix it up a bit in the next few posts! 

...(Just thinking about life and stuff)


Jeans - Pull and Bear (I have had them for so long they are no longer sold, but you can get very similar)

Let me know if you liked this post in the comments and what you would like to see next time. 


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